About Us

About Us

Awesome Books is the Early Learning Resource Centre of Family Care NPO 024 062, that is committed to bringing early learning resources to all the communities in South Africa at affordable prices. On of the main goals of Family Care is bring awareness to all families the incredible potential our children have. We fully concur with the late Glenn Doman author of “Teach your Baby to Read” and “Teach your Baby Math”, with what he said:

 “We have found over and over again that a child at home with mother can learn as much in an hour as the average child learns in a day at school; as much in a day as the average child learns in a week at school.”

 "Every child born has a curiosity so intense that he has an absolute rage to learn all there is to know, and he wants to learn it right now. The problem is that he wants to learn about everything on earth with fine impartiality. He has a rage to learn that will never be equalled again in his life”

 "If indeed knowledge leads to good, surely this world will be a better place when its children are more capable and consequently more confident of their own superb abilities and more able to use those abilities to solve the problems that beset us. This is, after all, what the gentle revolution is all about."

Reading, writing and counting can be taught early. Learning children can grow up to be more confident, more capable and can aspire to be the creative genius’s they are born to be.

It is the hope of Family Care through Awesome books that we can be the instigators of raising children in our great Country who naturally are above average.